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About Thura Swiss

Thura Swiss has been established in 2012 as a Myanmar-based firm, specialized in market research, consulting and investment-related services. We equip both local and foreign businesses with accurate and sophisticated information in order to allow them to make strategic data-driven decisions with regards to their market entry or expansion in Myanmar.

We unite Myanmar and foreign professionals to deliver local knowledge on international standards. Our work provides a thorough assessment of the political, economic and business environment in Myanmar from both a bird's eye view and the ground level.

About TS Tenders

TS Tenders is an information portal developed by Thura Swiss, intended to serve business community as a way to easily access and stay informed tenders published by various entities in Myanmar.

Shwe Hintar, B 307, 6 ½ miles Pyay Road
Yangon, Myanmar
+95 (0) 1 654 730